Thursday, June 16, 2011

We got booted off Google

Hi Everyone~!!!  We have NOOOOO idea what happened to mom's Google account (Blogger, Gmail, and Picassa) it just disappeared!  Mom is very sad by this and we had to start ALL over again.  She's mainly sad that she lost all of the wonderful posts about our angel sisfurs, Scooter and Skeeter.  Well, we're back (here) and pleaase know that we have missed you all IMMENSELY~!!!

We love you all~
King, Pandora, Cricket, and Lucky


  1. Welcome back! You were missed. I'll look and see if we have any "pics" we can send you; since we've been cleaning files the last couple months there may not be any, or many... want a header?

  2. OMC! Thanks goodness, we was furry worried about you and all we could fink to do is email da sweet Zoolatry lady about you. Wanted to makes sure you was all okay. So happy, can't wait to see you back blogging again. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs

  3. Welcome back!!! We have miss you!

  4. An email bounced back to us and your blog certainly is gone. We are waaaaaay behind and forgetful, so not sure when you last posted, but if it had been a while - It must have been a terrible shock. We're really sorry about the photos and posts, etc being deleted.

  5. If you haven't, at least contact Google and try to find out what the heck happened. It wouldn't be the first time Google decided someone was a spammer by mistake.

    We've never tried it, but there is something called the Internet Archive (aka the Wayback Machine). They try to crawl and archive the entire web. You have to access by URL, but if you remember that, you might be able to recover some of that info.

    Worth a shot, anyway.


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