Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whew...has mom been busy~!!!

Hiya Effurybody~!!!  Sure has been lots going on around here...Mom is CRAZY BUSY at work and making, what she calls, mad money~!!!  As long as the greens keep filling her pockets, we don't care (we've been getting an over abundance of treats and Lucky, his chewies).  Also, our little sisbean is starting...KINDERGARTEN on Wednesday.  So, mom has been busy with getting her ready for that.  But mom made a promise to us that as soon as the kid starts school, we will be back to a TRUE reugular blogging session each day~!!!  We surely miss you all and apologize for not being around.  Hoping you all have a fantastic holiday weekend and we will see y'all soon.

PS...Thanx Sammy, Andy, and Shelly's mom, Judi, for the super pawesome layout look for our page.  We LOVE it~!!!
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