Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today is going to be renamed...HateDay

Well, there is a B~I~G surprise in store for King, Pandora, and Cricket~!!!  They are ALL getting...


Mom was scritchin' Cricket's chin yesterday and noticed flea "dirt" in her long hairs.  Mom and Dad are SOOOOO skeeved out, theat they immediately ran to the store and got the stuff (Oh yeah...Lucky too).  After the madness...um...baths...mom hasta wash ALL the bedding and vacuum the whole house really good.  We may be spending a portion of tomorrow, outside, in our PTUs, as mom is most likely gonna "bomb" the house.  We didin't mean to get fleas and we don't even know how we gots them!  We're not allowed out~!!!

We're Sorry Mom and Dad~!!!


  1. Fleas are such a bummer.......none of us ever get to go outside except on our 2nd floor balcony, but it seems at times the beans bring those blasted fleas in on their shoes and pants legs.......wouldn't the world be a much better place without fleas!!!!!!!!

    Oh, oh, sitting out in your PTU's might invite fleas, too!!!!!!!

    We love y'all and hope the flea problem is soon something in the distant past.

  2. We sure hope you get that problem sorted fast! Deli arrived with fleas but Frontline got rid of it fast.

  3. Ooooh me and Charlie don't like fleas either!!!

    We hope you get to be out of your PTUs soon!! Take care

  4. How awful for you guys!!! Good luck with those baths!

  5. Fleas stink! Kit and I got them last year efun though we are indoor kitties (this was before Kit started running outside). We think mama broughted them in on her shoes. I hope you get rid of them soon and aren't too itchy!

  6. Oh no! A bath? Like with real water? Run!!!!!

  7. You all had to have baths - no that's not fair.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Oh no, baths!!! We are counting our lucky blessings because we have not had fleas for a long time.

  9. OH no not water...oh we hope you are all ok...and we hope all of them nasty fleas are all gone.


  10. Heh..heh... You create some job for your human : )
    They should be very happy..Now the house is so cleaned : )

  11. Oh fleas are icky!! We hope they are gone now and never come back!!

  12. Oh noes, not baths! Those dang fleas! Hope they go away and never come back!

  13. OMC and OMD...bath is definitely a 4 letter HBO word. We hope you all came out smelling like roses and flea free. They are vcious little varmits. Hugs Madi and Mom


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