Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewell Sweet Misses Peach

Our dear, sweet furriend, Misses Peach is going to be the newest star in the sky.  We are so sad to have learned of this news.  She was such an inspirational ladycat whose blog would always put a smile on your face.  She is going to be sadly missed by us all.  Mom was leaky eyed for her and put a lit candle outside to give her light for her journey.  She will be reunited with her beloved mancat, Mickey.  Misses Peach...we will truly miss you and send our deepest sympathies to your family.  We wish your a quick journey and we shall meet again....

Fly Free Forever~


  1. Even though it was her time, I am so sad to lose Misses Peach. She was such a lovely kitty, and I always loved visiting her cozy cottage.

  2. Me and Charlie just heard and have been over to Miss Peach's blog. It's very sad. :-( Take care

  3. We were so sad to have heard about gorgeous Miss Peach! We are sending purrs to all who miss and love her.

  4. What a beautiful post in memory of Miss Peaches...we didn't know her...but we are always sad to read about a trip to the bridge.

    OH MY STARS we just had tremors here from an 5.8 earthquake 34 miles northwest of Richmond.
    I was sitting here typing when the keyboard started to shake. I thought it was me I went to get my hubby to see if he felt it by the time he got back in here the entire desk was shaking. It scared the *&%$ out of both of us. I literally shoved Madi in her carrier and headed down stairs. They said the temors were felt as far north as Boston. I'm still shaking... good gried this is not going to be a relaxing week. We heard parts of PA and even into Ohio felt it.
    Hugs to you all
    Madi and Mom

  5. We're real sad about Miss Peach, too. We miss her already.


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